welcome to the cross in my backyard

Welcome. This is a blog for Christian parents and those who are concerned about the faith formation of children.

Over time you will find a comment on a weekly issue. My aim is to address issues with an Aussie voice and understanding, but the major concern will foremost be the faith formation of the child.

I will publish a suggestion sheet each week for helping parents of the three’s and under connect with the Revised Common Lectionary Readings.

I believe that children, even the youngest are able to participate fully in worship, even in a traditional setting. When I worked at Wesley church Melbourne, (and at the time of writing this I was still employed there) we had children worshipping alongside adults in their own way, at their own pace in a traditional worship situation.

I believe that parents need a little extra help in knowing how to confidently share their faith with their children in a worship service.

I also don’t want this to be my own voice and will appreciate helpful feedback and interaction.

You will find a supporting facebook page at The Cross in My Backyard. https://www.facebook.com/The-Cross-in-my-Backyard-196655824053543/ This is a space for world wide discussion on issues related to children and families and worship, but filtered so that it supports an Australian environment.


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