Family Prayers

Praying with even the youngest ones in your life, doesn’t need them to be either  verbal or still. Though teaching them both of these skills is to be valued and encouraged. But they are not the necessary prerequisites for Prayer.

Here are some sites to inspire you to think more broadly about prayer, either at home or during worship.

Click to access Thy_Kingdom_Come_Get_Messy_session_2018.pdf

You can find out about the Kingdom Come prayer initiative here

Prayer and Worship–home.html

Have you heard of Praying in Colour? You can see a demonstration here

and find the book here!CHIPRA

Using their hands as a handy reminder of who to pray for!CHIPRA

My all-time favourite is the Prayer Mat- usually known as the Ikea play mat though there is also a version at Toys r us. As children move their toys/cars/animals/ around the roads, they pray for the activity or people each time they stop. The older ones can from words but its truely inspiring when those just starting to use their voice in formed words not sounds add to the Amen.

But above all prayer is about us communicating with God, finding the best way for your child to do that, rather than finding some wonderful technique is YOUR main goal.

Don’t forget to teach quiet/ meditation too, so that we can listen for God. I have had my best results by starting small and using a battery operated candle. Initially turning the candle on for 10 secs, and insisting on being still for that time, For the very young a cuddle and an insistence that now is the time to be quiet works too, then building the time up slowly as they succeed at being quiet. There is no failure with this task, just work with it over time. We all find our space to be still with God, and a child who can’t achieve that with this method, may find it watching animals or looking at flowers etc.

Don’t forget your own prayer life and always pray for those in your life, especially your children.

Here is a web site when you are low on time and inspiration

Please share some ideas that work for you or your children.


Wendy L



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