Faith Parenting is 24/7

A really quick post today. Just to let you know of a new and older book that can help your faith parenting 24/7, and some websites that might also be of interest.

The new Godly Play book, Godly Play at Home has just been released and you can download it on Kindle and have it in double quick time.

As we all know, we are only at church for about 1 hour a week, which means that faith formation is mainly done away from the church. So every little idea that helps you connect with your child about faith is important. So this book is a valid addition .

If you haven’t come across Robbie Castleman’s Book Parenting in the Pew, also downloadable on Kindle

this is one of my favourites for inspiring you to persevere, with that 1 hour a week at church.

You might enjoy this family bible study from forward movement

A website for faith families

OR can be multilingual so check if it’s available in your home language.

OR maybe this is more suited to your belief system

What ever you do with your 24/7. We are told the most important stepping stone of faith formation is relationship, so work on building a great relationship with your child from the beginning. And use anything suggested on this page as a way of building that relationship.




2 thoughts on “Faith Parenting is 24/7

  1. Thanks for sharing. Some great resources listed here. Parenting in the Pew is a great book & second your recommendation of it. I first read this book about 15 years ago when my children were preschoolers and it really helped explain why it is so important to have children in church learning to worship by being part of worship.


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