A warm welcome

Not every congregation can afford the ministry of a Child and Family Pastor, but all can do some small things, even if they don’t have children regularly attending.

Print out a small pamphlet that lets a visitor know what the arrangements are for children in worship, ie ,

where to sit,

where to find books, toys, or other activities,

how to find the toilets,

what to do if your child cries, etc.

Make sure there are clean and safe toys, preferably toys that will stimulate faith discussions, some people may call church “God’s waiting room” but it doesn’t have to look like a doctors surgery. https://wordpress.com/post/thecrossinmybackyard.wordpress.com/34

Modern, engaging books, that retell the bible stories, or encourage faith ideas. https://wordpress.com/post/thecrossinmybackyard.wordpress.com/41

Maybe an iPad or 2 loaded with christian books, and games and a small pair of earphones, ( try Officeworks). Personally i would turn the volume to low or off, so they can hear what else is going on in the congregation.

Allocate a welcoming person for children and families each week, just incase a family arrives, (naturally this person will hold a Working With Children’s Card).

Some washable texta’s and colouring in sheet or worksheet such as those found at https://store.illustratedchildrensministry.com or https://www.childrensbulletins.com/tour/church-activities-for-kids.aspx

Something special to take away and remind them of their time in church, such as a sticker, or a welcome certificate (easy to create and print off as needed)

Most important a welcoming smile and a tolerent attitude.


Wendy L


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