An Australian Pentecost

I love the excitement of Pentecost, the children get involved in the story, they love the craft activities or wonderful colouring pages, and they especially like being involved in the procession showing off their craft and reminding the congregation of the Pentecost motifs of Fire and Wind.

The children, don’t ask the disturbing questions, they let the story take them. I am reminded of a statement I read on Sparkhouse blog

a few weeks ago that play teaches symbolism. They are learning the fundamentals of faith formation, they are already on their way to metaphor.

I love being upside down (that is in Australia) at this time of the year. My part of the country is shedding it’s imported clothes as the leaves change, and fall from the European trees. I see Pentecost around me and sense it’s coming enactment. The red leaves dance in the wind, sometimes shacking down around me like a veil, and I wonder what it might have been like for the disciples in their grief and confusion, then I anticipate that the Holy Spirit is here with me, I don’t have to wait, I don’t have to work out what it all means. I have the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the leaves dance through the rain and I’m reminded that God is with me, hasn’t left me. Winter is coming. I don’t have to fear the cold loneliness, I have the Holy Spirit, and so each year at this time I ask myself. How have I used this gift this year and what else should I be doing?

My world is closing down, but I’m not alone. Pentecost makes perfect sense to me down here.



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