Australian and New Zealand children’s resources for use in Worship.

A few Sunday’s ago I listened to an empassioned couple, Kaye and Tavis Beer, speak about their work in the Northern Territory Anglican Diocese supporting Indigenous Priests working in their own communities. I was impressed with the children’s books and programmes that they had produced which were not just in the local languages but created by the local populations. They deserved a wider audience, their programmes especially could be used in a number of ways in broader contexts than they were created in. They need funds to support their work and you can contact them through CMS Victoria, PO Box 2150, Rangeview, 3132.

They are one of many hard working Australians called into Ministry and creating amazing work in Australia for Australians.

The Intergen, resources written by Beth Barnett and her co-workers, sets out an Intergenerational Service around the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) for each week. They use multi learning methods and clear visuals as well as word prompts. This is an Australian product that can be obtained by contacting

My wonderful supervisor has written an informative book for congregations entitled Building Emotional Health and Wellbeing: A Pastoral Handbook for Ministry with Young People By Vivienne Mountain, available to Uniting Churches in Australia through It is hoped that it will become available to other denominations, so approach the right people in your Denominiation or contact Chris and let him know you want this resource. has some wonderful children’s resources to be used within an intergenerational setting.

The great work of the South Australian Uniting Church Synod can be found here

Click to access intergen-key-directions-pdf.pdf

Liturgical Colouring in

Andrew McDonough’s Lost Sheep books and activities

Across the ditch is Connectible and

Please let me know of others so we can add them to this list.


Wendy L.



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