After Pentecost 24B: Ideas to help the 3’s and under relate to this Sundays RCL readings

These are suggestions only, to help parents/caregivers engage their children in services that use the Revised Common Lectionary. They can be used by parents/caregivers or those who help out in small congregations that can not afford to pay Child and Families Ministry.  Some congregations use all 4 readings in their services others only two.

They can also be used at home during Family Devotion Time. Remember it is never too early to start faith practices in the home.

If using during worship Prepare a special church bag in advance each week so that you are ready for the rush on Sunday Morning.

Read during the Bible readings,

Pray during the prayers,

Colour, Draw or Craft during the sermon.

Craft or drawing or play are for spiritual responses not for a perfectionist piece that can be shown off.

Remember that little ones will need their own space to move and wiggle,

Sit towards the front so they can see what is going on.

Remember you have bought your child to worship. Enjoy engaging them in it.

You might need to prepare these in advance THIS IS A NEW SEASON, AMERICAN FALL OUR Spring . For $10 American dollars (about $Aus 16) you have 12 weeks of colouring sheets. Or you can combine with other parents or ask the Church to make the purchase for yourself and the families.

You might need,

felt, both sticky and stiffened

paper dolls

Family toys such as dolls, doll house, cooking set etc


FIRST READING: Ruth 1:1-18

READ: So many choices so chose a storybook Bible they enjoy, some tell all the story while others will only tell a part so you can choose a slightly longer version and read it like a serial over the coming weeks

If you also have older children everyone might enjoy Brave Girls Bible Stories Today read pp.72-24 0nly today

OR The Beginner Bible either as a physical or ebook pp.152-153

OR The early readers Bible p.147

OR My First Read a loud Bible p.68-69

PLAY: with family toys , dolls house, or baby dolls, or cooking sets etc

MAKE: you could make a character in the Ruth story over the next few weeks. This week make Ruth and Naomi, you could dress up some dolls, or using a strip of paper dolls, colour in one doll as Ruth and the other as Naomi, then seperate them from the other paper dolls, attach a piece sticky felt, buy a piece of hardened felt and make your own felt board top layout the story over the next few weeks.

PRAY: Put your hands together

Thank you God that you stick by me, like Ruth stuck by Naomi.

PSALM 146:

READ: Rev Purdie has written two beautiful rewrites of the Psalm, so I’m leaving it up to you to chose the one that best suits your child.

This is a joyful Psalm so read with excitement.

Get them involved with easy actions or if reading the right hand version get them repeating the simple responses in Bold print.

Look through your collection of emotions (see previous Tuesday blogs) or draw joyful happy faces on paper plates on in their journal

SECOND READING: Hebrews 9:11-14

READ/WATCH One Winter Day by M. Christina Butler Most of Australia does not suffer such cold weather or have these animals but sometimes the message is worth a detour out of our comfort zone, and this talks about sacrifice like today’s reading in Hebrews.

PRAY: Jesus you gave everything for me

Thank You


GOSPEL READING: Mark 12:28-34


SING: item 4

MAKE: a heart out of paper, colour it in, make one for you , make one for someone else who loves God.


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