Trinity Sunday C: Ideas to help you share this weeks RCL readings with the 3’s and under.

Remember to point out the colour changes in church this week. The white is such a contrast to last weeks red. It should be easier to notice the change.

How wonderful that you have bought your young child to church, don’t waste this opportunity to share the faith stories and experience the wonder of worship.

If you are a parent or Guardian

Prepare a special church bag in advance each week so that you are ready for the rush on Sunday Morning.

Sit towards the front so they can see what is going on.

Sing or sway during the Hymns

Read during the Bible readings,

Pray during the prayers,

Colour, Draw or Craft during the sermon.

Craft or drawing or play are for spiritual responses not for a perfectionist piece that can be shown off. Don’t throw these out when you leave the church. Keep them at home in a special box, and bring them out to remind your child what has been happening or use as future prayer points.

Remember that little ones will need their own space to move and wiggle,

You have bought your child to worship. Enjoy engaging them in it.

If you are a small congregation without a Child and Family Minister have an area available near the front for parents/guardians to worship with their children, and print off this information so that it is readily available or direct them to this site. Set up an area with books and toys in it that will enhance their spiritual experience. (Ie not just toys for “keeping them quiet”).Spiritual Delights or Toy Box tat! andMake the books appealing

If you would like these ideas as a PDF file sent to you each week, please contact me.

First Reading: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31

READ: When God made you by Matthew Paul Turner worth buying or downloading

When I first read the words of this Proverb I thought of this book, though not a full representation, it definitely reminds us that you are one of God’s wonderful creations.

Psalm 8

READ:  Andrew MacDonough’s  Cecil and Psalm 8 or buy it

COLOURING IN: Use the downloadable at the bottom of page or you can purchase the activity pack with will keep everyone involved

OR Psalm 8: Out of the mouths of babes

Suitable for worship with children

God, our living God,
you are amazing! (Open your mouth round, and hold your hands out wide)
You are higher than I can look, (look up)
You are wider than I can see. (look fro side to side)
But I can hear you – (cup our hand around your ear)
We can hear you in the laughter of a little child, (laugh)
We can hear you in the babbling of a baby. (coo)
You don’t need words to tell us of your power. (cover your mouth with your hands)

Why do you need us at all?
We are so small, and the world is so big, (Use your thumb and pointer finger to make a small gap between them, then hold out your arms)
the stars are so many and space is so enormous. (twinkle your fingers on your hands)
God, our living God,
you are amazing!(Open your mouth round, and hold your hands out wide)
You made everything. (open your arms wide)
Why do I matter?

But we do matter!
God cares for us most of all, (give yourself a hug)
and through us God cares for all the world.
You put everything into our care, (entwine your arms and rock them back and forth)
all the animals, all the birds, all the fish, (Do an animal, maybe, cat arm lick, or bunny ears etc, twist your thumbs together and flutter your finger, then wiggle your hand like a fish swimming)
everything that creeps or flies or runs or swims, (tip toes with hands rounded moving in front of you), twist your thumbs together and flutter your finger, Then pretend to swim)
even the land and the air and the sea. (shield your eyes as if looking into the distance)
It is all ours to look after. (pat as if patting a cat)
God, our living God,
you are amazing!(Open your mouth round, and hold your hands out wide)

Thanks again to Rev. Purdie actions by me

SING/LISTEN: Number 5 When I Look at Your Heavens and Number 6 Dominion

Draw: Something from this Psalm

Second Reading: Romans 5:1-5

READ: WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT By Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

I chose this because when following Christ we have good and bad times but we continue the quest.

SING/LISTEN: Number 10 The Character Song


Turn on a battery operated candle.

Ask your child to sit quietly until you turn it off.

This is not a task for them to fail at. So set a short time suitable for them, it might be as short as 2 sec or up to 20 sec or more.

If you practice this each day you can extend it by a sec each day or each other day. It is the beginning of a life long meditative practice and should be as enjoyable as possible. Do not stress your child out with this exercise.

Gospel Reading: John 16:12-15

READ: Hello Pooh, Hello You a Winnie the Pooh Egmont Book . Bought in Big W.

Who are you putting your trust in. Pooh had lots of help in this book.

PLAY: Simon Says or Follow the Leader

SING/LISTEN: Number 9 Three In One


NOO! You are not finished even if the service has.

Now is the time to continue teaching your child beyond the walls of the church. 

Use the craft or drawings during the week to talk about the service or the stories.

Use any of the readings during the week, at bedtime, as story time or during the day in play or prayer.

Enjoy sharing your faith with your child.


Wendy L.


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