Sunday Reflection: Advent in the home

I was steadfast that I wasn’t going to do one of those posts where people list their favourite or the top 10 Advent ideas/calendars. I gave in. I have tried to create the Cross in my Backyard facebook page as a sort of easy access point for those Down under, that are time poor but want to be well informed in the field of Child and Family Worship in a culturally appropriate way. Where both families and those who minister to them can find information that will encourage and inform their home and communal worship.

So I am wadding in.

I hope you will be encouraged to make the Advent season one of importance that counters the culture norm at the moment to remove Chris form Christmas. I strongly encourage Grandparents to practicing  Advent at home, as they may be the only contact their grandchildren have with the real reason for Christmas. The grandchildren that may never set foot in a church because of their parents choices, may be in your home and notice that your home, what you do and what you listen to may influence them in seeking their own faith.

Also Advent practice in the home, allows parents to find the balance that the “silly season ” may be lacking. A few minutes each day to slow down and connect with your family not  only brings God into the centre of your day, but gives the opportunity for family togetherness when the academic year is closing and all the events at the end of the year, ballet performances, graduation services, end of  year parties and assemblies crowd into the day.

Advent Calendars


Click to access Advent-calendar-for-families2.pdf

2019 Advent Calendars

Advent Paper Chains  I love this as you can enlarge each bauble to colour in and add to a Christmas tree the guide is free but you will need to purchase the Jesus Storybook Bible if you do not have a copy

Requires some materials

Need to pay for–Sold-in-lots-of-5/

Printable Advent Countdown Calendar For Catholic Kids

Multi Lingual

Multiple suggestions for both home or corporate worship–christmas.html?fbclid=IwAR0vbR3lou-QO8iq9hjB-NIRvJs9uS66YTamARdl1Jr47tcQn1u28QszKcQ

Advent study for Families

Digital LiFE Packs

An Illustrated Advent for Families: In Light and Darkness


Okay so this is too late to start Advent on Sunday. Just make a start as soon as you can and don’t use being late to begin an excuse for not celebrating Advent in the home.


Wendy L.


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