YEAR A Advent 2: Ideas to help 3’s and under relate to this weeks RCL readings

Welcome to the second Sunday in Advent. Remember to light your second candle at home.


Little Candle Burning bright (make yourself tall, with a flame- Arms over your head with your palms together in prayer)

Light my path (shade your eyes and look ahead)

and spread your Peace (make a peace sign– Blow out the candles and watch the smoke float away)


Worshipping with Children is so important. You can find some ideas here as to where to sit and what to bring.

If attending those congregations using the Revised Common Lectionary you will find suggestions for all of the readings  for Advent 2 Year B below. Not all congregations use all readings. You can use these ideas during the service or at home during the week.

FIRST READING: Isaiah 11:1-10

READ: RULERS OF THE PLAYGROUND by Joseph Kuefler No video’s of the book being read are available. It is easily available in Australia as suggested by and can be ordered here

If you can’t get hold of the book try listening too

OR tell your child about their family tree and what they have from their ancestors. If the child has been adopted or fostered share what they bring to the family tree.


Play: Pretend you are a King.

PSALM 72:1-7,18-19

Psalm 72: Long live the King!

Praise to the King!          Long live the King!
Our King is full of grace and truth,
          from him come springs of living water.
He brings peace and justice,    good news to the poor.
He lifts up the broken     and takes down the proud.
He will out-shine the sun    and out-live the moon.
And he shall reign for ever and ever
                                   his kingdom will have no end.

adapted from

MAKE or BUY a simple crown. What sort of King would you be?

READ/WATCH The Lion King especially when Simba realises he can be a good King


SECOND READING: Romans 15:4-13

READ: One of my favourite books at the moment is Mallee Sky by Jodi Toering and Tanya Harricks , it expresses the idea of hope beautifully to an Australian Audience You can purchase it here There are no you tube clips of this book unfortunately.

For another approach to this reading try Watching of Stone Soup retold by Heather Forrest which looks at the idea of community as suggested by

Play: with your toys, maybe in a farm or a dolls house, or just play.


May you help me create the type of family you want Lord

With everyone, welcome



GOSPEL READING: Matthew 3:1-12

READ: The Jesus Storybook Bible, Heaven breaks through pp.202-203 only Or  from “But God sent . . . . begin a new life”

OR The Lion Picture Bible, The Baptism of Jesus, pp.240-241 only

OR The Beginner’s Bible, John Baptises Jesus p.303-306 stopping at from their sins” only


DO: Jesus cousin was John the Baptist? Who are your cousins? Look at pictures of them.



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