YEAR A Advent 4: Ideas to help 3’s and under relate to this weeks RCL readings

 Welcome to the Fourth Sunday in Advent. Remember to light your fourth candle at home.


Little Candle Burning bright (make yourself tall, with a flame- Arms over your head with your palms together in prayer)

Light my path (shade your eyes and look ahead)

and spread your Love (make a heart with your hands ) – Blow out the candles and watch the smoke float out into the world.


School Holidays have started for Australia and New Zealand. So don’t let this be an excuse for those in traditional services where Sunday School has finished not to attend church. Prepare well and easily with this guide and enjoy teaching them the importance of Worship and Lifelong faith formation.

For older children you might like to purchase Jillians Life Packs


Or use a Sermon Note pages such as

You can find some ideas here as to where to sit and what to bring.


FIRST READING: Isiah 7:10-16

TELL: your child about how you had to wait for them to arrive and what it was like. They too were something coming but not yet come before they were born.

COLOURING IN: This resource has colouring in pages until the 23rd of February 2020. And costs about $A20.

SING/LISTEN: Number 3 Call His name Emmanual

PSALM 80:1-7, 17-19

Psalm 80: The Restoration Project

Can’t you hear your people, Lord?
Can’t you see the state of things?
Great Shepherd of Israel, hear the cry of your sheep.
Mighty God of Hosts, see your people’s pain.
We are tired of eating the bread of tears
We are worn by strife and fear.
Restore us with your favour, Lord!
Save us in your love.
Your home on earth is past repair
The walls are cracked and broken
The fruiting vine is hacked and burned
Your people turn away.
Send us a Shepherd, Lord!
Send us a Son from your right hand.
All your strength is in him
All your power to heal.
Restore us with your favour, Lord!
Save us in your love.

Thanks again to Rev. Purdie
How do you think the person who wrote this might be feeling?

Describe that feeling, or draw it, or point out what it feels like from a set of emotional cards or the Bears App


SECOND READING; Romans 1:1-7

READ/WATCH: I like me By Karen Beaumont

DO: How would you tell people about you?

DRAW: a picture of You. God made You.


Dear God,

I am yours 



GOSPEL READING: Matthew 1:18-25 

READ: The Lion Story Bible, Joseph Leads the Way p.124 only

OR The Bible for Kids App. https://bibleappforkids.comThe First Christmas Gift screen (or Page 2) only




Like Joseph

Help me trust you



Wendy L.


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