Year A: Lent 5. Ideas to use at home to help your children relate to this weeks RCL readings

My family are now close to the end of the Isolation period imposed by our government on those returning home. But the world is moving at such a quick pace, that it seems the rest of Australia has caught up and we are all doing isolation. As all churches are closed this blog might be helpful to you. I started it to help out those small congregations that could not afford a CHILD AND FAMILY ministry person. But the ideas based on each of the Revised Common Lectionary Readings for this week are also great for Family Faith Formation. It was originally written with the 0-3’s in mind as this was often the least catered for age group, yet studies show that it is also the most important with respect to Faith Formation.

There will be a test Livestreaming by the Uniting Church in Australia this Sunday at 8am (AEST), I recommend joining in if you can

If you have older children some of the ideas below are easily adapted or you could try


OR  Illustrated Ministry or  for your older children

You may also like to check out the resources at

OR do family worship along with

OR the wonderful people at Seed

Looking for some fun music to enjoy during the week


If worshipping at home these are some of the things you might want to “stockpile” (have in the home) Spiritual Delights or Toy Box tat! 

and Make the books appealing

FIRST READING: Ezekiel 37:1-14


This video is too advanced for this age group but it is suitable for any older children, and I have often found that where there are older children the younger ones will also engage.


Psalm 130: Out of the depths
I cry out to you, O God (Shape your hands like a megaphone)
I’m in too deep, I’m out of my depth (Hold your head up high, point your chin to the sky)
Save me! (Hold your arms above your head)
I wait for you, O God (Tap one foot)
The night is long, too long (put your hands on your hips)
and I wait for the light of dawn. (sweep your arm across your body in an arc)
I hope in you, O God (intwine your fingers and raise your arms)
for your love breaks through –(make a heart shape with your hands)
great power to save, (show your muscles)
great power to save! (show your muscles)

With thanks to

COLOURING-IN: For about $20 Aus you can download enough colouring in sheets to last till Pentecost.

OR For a yearly subscription of $US25 

SECOND READING: Roman 8:6-11

READ/WATCH:  If a Chicken Stayed for Dinner by Carrie Weston as suggested by

PLAY: with Babushka dolls, or anything that nests one inside the other.


Dear God,

sometimes it is hard to do

what You want

instead of what I want

Can you help me

With that?



GOSPEL READING: John 11:1-45

READ: 5 Minute Bible Stories by Batchelor and Boshoff  Jesus gives new Life, pp.148-149

OR The Beginner Bible, Lazarus Lives Again, pp.418-422


,This video is too advanced for this age group but it is suitable for any older children, and I have often found that where there are older children the younger ones will also engage.


PLAY: Can you retell this story with your toys?

What did you like best about this story?

What would you leave out from this story?

Colouring-IN For a yearly subscription of $US25 to download


Wendy L.


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