GOOD FRIDAY: RCL ideas to use with even the littlest at home


If you took my advice and have camped in your own backyard or really even inside last night, OR you didn’t you’ll find resources here to use with all the family this Good Friday.

You might like to start the day with some damper while you watch and sing this Song above. Or you might like to just eat your damper and watch the mystery of the sun rise.

Damper can be cooked on the campfire if you are outdoors or in the oven if you prefer.

Here is a simple recipe

You could add the traditional sultana’s or use rosemary to add a touch of remembrance.

Then if using a savoury Damper, spread with Vegemite or Marmite if in the UK, or black olive paste if in Europe, (sorry USA but I can’t think of a dark savoury spread, grape and peanut butter, just isn’t right for this), to remind you of the sadness that this day holds.

FIRST READING: Isaiah 52:18-53:12

READ/WATCH The trellis and the Seed by Jan Karon

It is a lovely story about predictions and faith both which are the things that are at the heart of this reading.

This is a long story for the youngest, but like anything you can dip in and out of it as their interest wanes, if you have older children the young one may watch for longer. 

TELL What prediction did you have for your children, tell them. ie I thought you would play football because you kicked so much before you were born etc.


You are faithful God

I will listen to you



READ/WATCH: When i’m feeling Sad by Tracee Moroney

AND/OR When I’m feeling Scared by Tracee Moroney

DO: Take a paper plate, and draw a SAD and a Scared face

What makes you sad?

What makes your scared:


READ/WATCH: I will Love You Anyway by Mick Inpen

A beautiful story of being loved and forgiven. Just like today’s reading.

DRAW: your family and put a love heart on each of them, as we all make mistakes and need God’s love

OR HEBREWS 4:14-16, 5:7-9

READ/WATCH: Kitten for a Day by Ezra Jack Keats 

As suggested by

PLAY: Sort out your toys to be the ones like you?


Jesus was a boy,

He played and grew

and knows

what it is like to be

a child like me

(tell God something about yourself)




READ: If you did not read this last night then do so now Andrew McDonough’s Peter and the Rooster,

story at

Activities: Download the activity book from the above site there are plenty of activities for everyone.

OR READ My First read a loud Bible By Batchelor and Boshoff Jesus is left to die, pp.220-221. or their other book 5 minute Bible Stories pp.167-169

Colouring -IN from

MAKE: make the scenes, either outside or inside with whatever you have. OR just make the crosses on they hill. Outside you might build a hill, and find some tags to make crosses, inside you might you lego or cushions and icy pole sticks. Re tell the stories.


Wendy L.



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