Simple things to do to prepare your home for Pentecost

We are well conditioned to prepare our homes for Christmas and Easter, but we are not so comfortable at preparing our homes for other significant events in the Christian Calendar.

This Sunday we have another significant day in our calendar, Pentecost. This is the service where we attend dressed in red, and the church building is beautifully dressed for that occasion, resplendent in the liturgical colour of red. Some years it has been decorated with streamers, balloons, or  fire coloured buntings.

But this year, many are still not allowed in their church buildings. So don’t let this Sunday pass by as just another date. Celebrate.

With the church buildings closed it has been the year to really come to grips with the church being the people not the building. In Acts 2 we are told that being able to speak in many tongues not just fulfilled prophecy but allowed many to hear it. So help people continue to hear the message by decorating your home and sharing with your family the fulfilment of this special promise.

So here are some simple ideas to have this day at home.

  1. WEAR RED IMG_3809
  2. Turn your red string Christmas lights back onthumbnail_IMG_4430
  3. Decorate your home with red or orange streamers, flames, swirls. I made my flames  by drawing a flame shape, adjusting it until I was happy with it. cutting it in the middle of the base to about half way up. Then cut a smaller shape in a different colour, red, orange or yellow, cut down from the middle of the flame, then put the smaller flame at right angles to the larger flame.IMG_5207

To make the swirl I used a paper plate and cut in a circular manner until the centreIMG_5203


Hang a mix from air conditioner units, trees, doors, etc




4) Make a Bunting or instead or red, orange and yellow flags, make flames out of paper and attach them to a piece of string or coloured thread.

5) Create a Pentecost display, made from candles, or red leaves


6) Make a special treat such as Patty cakes or a cake topped with candles or jelly in three colours red, orange and yellow.IMG_5220

7) Set the dinner table with red tablecloth and/or napkins, and red candles. Instead of a formal grace. Say a thank you pray such as

Thank you God for keeping your promises

We know we can trust you.


Let the youngest ask questions during the meal about what Pentecost means, and have the eldest respond.

8) Listen to some favourite songs, but sung in another language, or turn on one of the multi-lingual radio stations and listen for a while.


Wendy L.


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