AFTER PENTECOST 23 A: ideas to share this week’s RCL readings with even the youngest family members using things you have at home:

You have found a great resource for parents/careers and grandparents to use with their little ones during online or face to face worship, or to use as family devotions during the week.

If you are worshipping on line and are unsure what to do with the “little ears” worshipping with their parents, please feel free to make these suggestions during your service so the young ones too can participate.

If at home you might like to make a space for worship it can be permanent or bought out at times of sharing faith together. We are in the season of After Pentecost, the longest season, and it’s colour is green.

You might like to place a green tablecloth on the dinner table or coffee table, or a white one with green ribbons.

It need be no more complicated than that!

OR you could add a cross, or something that talks to you about faith, such as your Bible.

You can even add a candle (with young children around I like to use the battery operated kind.)


Or if you are looking for a more contemplative version

Or slot it in when the congregation says The Lords Prayer, if you are in a face to face service, or zooming in from Home.

FIRST READING: Joshua 24:1-3a,14-25

WATCH/READ: I’ll follow the Moon by Sephanie Lisa Tara read why it applies to today’s reading here

PLAY: follow the leader


Help me Listen (place your hand on your ear)

to your stories

Help me to keep my heart (place your hand on your heart)

with you


PSALM 78:1-7

Psalm 78: Tell our story to the children

(suitable for all-age worship)

Gather round, everyone, for I have a story to tell. (beckon)

It is a story from long ago, all the way up to right now. (look behind you)

Listen up, children, for this is your story too. (cup your hand around your ear)

Listen up, everyone, hear of the glorious deeds of God (arms open wide)

and the wonders he has done for us. (look amazed)

Parents, grandparents, tell your children about our God (twist to look behind you then twist a bit further)

so that this new generation will put their hope in the Lord, and follow the ways of God, hopefully better than their ancestors did! (pretend to cradle a baby in your arms)

an excert from, actions by me

COLOURING-IN: I have always recommended Illustrated Ministry’s work, though I prefer free stuff, I have found their work very reflective of how I find meaning in the passages, but more importantly I have noticed that chidlren of all ages love them and find meaning in them. Their FALL season has started and will give you a colouring in sheet each week until the end of November. It is $US19 for the quarter, and if you have kids that love colouring in it is money well spent COLOURING-IN

SECOND READING: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

WATCH/READ: The Invisible String by Patrice Karst read how it relates to todays reading here

PLAY: With Baboushka dolls. Name people in your family or your church who were christians, as you unpack each doll.


Praying in Color

Place a blob of colour on a sheet of paper for everyone in your family who lived before you or you could make a family tree. Put your page on the fridge or by your bed, anywhere where you can pray for past family member when you see it this week.

GOSPEL READING: Matthew 25:1-13


READ: The Lion Picture Bible: A Wedding . . .and a Helpful Stranger, pp.298-300

OR The Lion Story Book: The 10 bridesmaids, pp.184-185

DO: What would you need to be ready for school/kindy? (find them)

What would you need to have a picnic? (find those things)

What would you need to go to sports practice? (find those things)

What do you need to get ready to pray/worship? (find those things?)



Wendy L.


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