Resources that could be helpful for sharing faith at home

Here is a list of Sources that might be useful for families looking for Faith Formation Guidance. It is not definative and has been erred toward sites that offer free or predominately free resources for Families


Growing Faith at Home

Growing Faith at Home

What’s available: Growing Faith at Home worksheet resource, Worship notes, Talk time cards, articles

Form available: reflection sheets, articles, handouts

Covers which Stages: Families of all stages, from couples to grandparents.

Price of Resource: Annual subscription: $40, some resources are free

Media Platforms: website, Facebook, You tube, Pinterest,

Languages other than English: None

Mission: a weekly lectionary based resource for households to live, share and celebrate faith together weekly and daily. A resource for parents and grandparents to share faith in their homes.

Created by: Lutheran Church of Australia

Country of origin: Australia


Scripture Union Queensland

What’s available: Known as Family Space, this has a collection of resources for different stages and institutions, Children, Church Matters, Parents and Carers and Teens and Young Adults.

Form Available: articles

Covers which Stages, children, teenagers, parents and care givers and congregations

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms: website, can sign up for monthly emails

Languages other than English: none

Mission: To equip, empower and nurture family households and congregations

Organisation: Scripture Union Queensland

Country of origin: Australia, Queensland

Here 2 stay

What’s available: An 8 pillar, 2 Foundational principle scaffold to help families and churches to find a life long discipline for faith formation.

Form available: articles, videos, downloads

Covers which Stages: families and congregations

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms: Website, Facebook, You Tube

Languages other than English: Family Chatmats are available in 11 other languages with another 12 due soon 

Mission: To develop lifelong active followers of Jesus

Supported by: Bible Society, Compassion, Focus on the Family Australia, Scripture Union Queensland, Willow Creek Australia

Country of origin: Australia,

Notes: Great resources list, easy website for families to negotiate, ie. Specific family’s resources page

Max7 at Home

What’s available: Topics named Family Fitness, (physical and theological engagement for the whole family, great for Kinesics learners)

Songs to Sing Together, Bible Story Video’s, At Home Activities

Form available: Video’s, pdf’s, songs, games, downloads

Covers which Stages: child and youth and families

Price of Resource: Free

Media Platforms: Website, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin

Languages other than English: 20 Languages

Mission: Family, youth and child resources for use in the home

Created By: influenced by the Laucerne Agreement

Country of origin: Australia

Notes: Easy for Families to find the things they need,

 You can search for resources that best fit a chronological age suitability, or for Biblical Book resources. Personal Love, the Chatmats

Cross in my Backyard

What’s available: A weekly collection of ideas to help share the Revised Common Lectionary with Children

Form: Blog and Facebook pages

Covers which Stages: Birth- end of Primary School, Parenting resources

Price of Resource: Free

Media Platforms: Facebook, Blog and Twitter

Languages other than English: none

Mission: To help parents/guardians and those in paid ministry positions to share the faith at home and during structured worship

Created by: Wendy Lewis

Country of origin: Australia, Melbourne



What’s available: Resources for congregations and families, Links to resources including Grief and Bereavement, Disaster and Trauma, mental health and Anxiety, to share with families. Family on Mission Journal

Form available: Links, articles and video’s and podcasts.

Covers which Stages: Families with children and the communities in which they worship.

Price of Resource: free

Media platforms, website, Facebook, Pinterest, you tube,

Languages other than English; some Moari

Mission: Equipping congregations and families in faith formation

Operated By: Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia 

Country of origin: New Zealand

Notes: primarily aimed at church leaders to enhance their family faith formation, building on 5 areas of ministry, Kingdom Pilgrimage, Strategic Faith Formation, Partnering with Families, Intergenerational, and Whanau (build community connections). The Families, faith formation link is easy for parents to use


What’s available: Together Apart, weekly Revised Common Lectionary resources for congregations or families, as well as resources for Assembly, activities, prayer.

Form available: downloadable work sheets and suggestions

Covers which Stages: all types of learning and ages.

Price of Resource: free, donation requested.

Media Platforms: Website and Facebook

Languages other than English: None

Mission: The author believes everyone should have access to free resources for community or family devotions

Created By: Fay Rowland

Country of origin: UK


God Venture

What’s available: articles and suggestions for 3 stages, 4-7, 5-8, 8-11, Faith at home magazine

Form available: Website, articles and downloads, magazine

Covers which Stages: Ages 4-7, 5-8, 8-11

Price of Resources: Mostly free, Magazine £4.00

 Media Platforms: Facebook, twitter

Languages other than English: None

Mission: Finding creative ways to share God with Children

Created By: Victoria Beech

Country of origin: UK, 

BRF (The Bible Reading Fellowship)

What’s available: 6 programs across the ages, 

Parenting for Faith, equipping parents to raise children and teens.

 Messy Church,

Holy Habits, Missional discipleship as a way of life

 Living Faith, Resourcing your spiritual journey

 Barnabas in Schools, exploring Christianity in schools

Anna Chaplaincy: Spiritual Care in later life

Ideas Hub, free resources for groups and all age services

Great ideas for parents to use for Bible studies at home at home with their children.

Form available: website,

Covers which Stages: All ages and stages in life

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms, Facebook, twitter and Instagram

Languages other than English: None

Mission: To enable all ages to grow in faith and understanding of the Bible

Created By: An Anglican congregation in 1921, people presently involved include Canon Richard Fisher, Jane Butcher, Lucy Moore, Rachael Turner

Country of origin: UK, Abingdon


Parenting for Faith

What’s available: podcasts, course – Parenting Children for a Life of Faith

Form: video’s, articles and podcasts, DVD and Handbooks available for purchase.

Covers which Stages: For Families and Churches (including parenting as a church leader)

Price of Resource: Free, DVD and Handbooks can be purchased in the UK

Media Platforms: website, Facebook, and twitter

Languages other than English: none

Mission: “equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens”

Created by:  BRF, person of note, Racheal Turner

Country of origin: UK, Abingdon

Notes: Site easy for parents to negotiate.

Faith @Home

What’s available: Structure, to focus your home life faith formation on.

Form: Webinairs, website, and books

Covers which Stages: Mums, Dad’s, Teenagers, Grandparents, Couples and Singles

Price of Resources: Webinairs are free, books vary in price

Media Platforms: Website, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and You Tube

.Philosophy:  The Scriptures are clear that the home is the primary place where faith is nurtured and passed from generation to generation. (Deuteronomy 6:1-9, 2 Timothy 1:5).

Country of origin: USA, Minnesotta based, with International representatives in New Zealand and Singapore

Created By: Mark Holman, Brian Siewerd, Dr Mark Smith,

Country of origin: USA, Minnesotta based, with International representatives in New Zealand and Singapore

Notes: Areas of website were still under construction on the 15/8/2020

Grow Christians,

What’s available: great articles on Parenting, reading suggestions

Form available: emails, articles

Covers which Stages: Grow Christians is for parents  ”practicing faith at home”, 

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Languages other than English: none

Mission: Grow discipleship in all ages and stages. Grow Christians is aimed at supplying reflections, stories, images and recipes for discipleship within the home.

.Created By: Forward Movement, a ministry of the Episcopal Church

Country of origin: USA, Ohio



What’s available: Splink: a weekly devotional for families, magazine, blogs, books, podcasts 

(conference and marriage mentoring). Resources also available for congregations

Form available: Splink is sent each week to your inbox

Covers which Stages: Families with children

Price of Resource: Splink is free.

Media platforms: website, twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram

Languages other than English: None

MISSION: A family ministry movement connecting Church and home

Created by: Randall House, publishing arm for the National Association of Free will Baptists.

Country of origin: USA, Nashville, Tennessee.

Notes: Family resources are easy to access.


What’s available: Resources, for the faith education of all, programs such as Frolic (for Babies and Toddlers, including boos and playgroup resources)

 Sunday School Resources Spark (2 yo –Grade 6),( Whirl, (pre-K –Grade 6) Holy Moly,(Grades K-4) Connect,(grades 5-6)

Re:Form, (empowers youth to explore faith and question, to go deeper into the backstory and history, including specific resources, for Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed traditions)

Echo the story, (creative, student centered learning)

 Colaborate, specific denominational learning

 T.B.D.,Think Do Believe, for Grades 9-12, small group programme

 Wholeness and Holiness, Purity, wholeness and Holiness, discussions

 Animate (small group discussion, faith practices and perspectives in 7 sessions) and 

Dialogues On (dialogues for faith communities) $US 9.99-24.99 some free

Form available, books, video’s, downloads, webinair

Covers which Stages, from birth to old ages, specifically early childhood, children, youth and Adults for parents, and Sunday school educators 

Cost: many items free, 

Does not ship to Australia, Koorong stocks some Bibles, eg. Spark, Whirl Bibles @ $36.99, and Holy Moly resources from $4.50-75.00. Echo the Story resources from $14-99 – 85.00. most programs available as digital download from $US49.99-179.99 annually

Media platforms: Facebook, website, twitter and Instagram, 

Languages other than English:

Mission: Faith formation resources for each stage of life, both at home, corporate worship and education, across many denominations

Created By: A division of 1517 Media, the publishing ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Country of origin: USA, Minneapolis

Notes: very USA colloquial, website is easy to navigate, aged products are clearly defined.

Refocus Ministry

What’s available: Articles on practical discipleship at home for parents, Book suggestions, Splink newsletter, website suggestions. For ministry, articles, website, and Facegroup  and book and leadership recommendations.

Form available: articles

Covers which Stages: Intergenerational and families at all stages, including grandparents.

Price of Resource: free

 Media Platforms: Website, twitter, Facebook, 

Languages other than English: None

Mission: Resource, encourage and support for Intergenerational and Family Focused Ministry

Created By: Chrisitna Embree

Country of origin: USA, Kentucky.

Notes: None

            Building Faith

What’s available: Inspirational articles, Resources to grow faith, predominately for an adult audience.

Form available: Blog, webinars, 

Covers which Stages: all ages and stages

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms: Website, Facebook

Languages other than English: none

Mission “To equip and inspire churches and individuals for the ministry of Christian Education and Faith Formation”

Created by: Virginia Theological Seminary, and including the work of  Sharon Ely Pearson ( who commenced it), Sarah Bently Allred, Charlotte Hand Greeson, Keith Anderson, Christine Hides, Matthew Kozlowski, Dorothy Linthicum and Santi Rodriquez

Country of origin: USA, Virginia

Notes: Best for those involved in Ministry

Faith @ Home

What’s available: Resources for Intergenerational worship and reflection both weekly and daily, based on the Revised Common Lectionary

Form available: downloadable resources, 

Covers which Stages; Faith @Home, provides lectionary based resources for use at home,

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms, website, twitter and Facebook

Languages other than English: Spanish

Mission. Faith @Home, provides lectionary based resources for use during the week in an intergenerational environment.

Created by: Forward Movement a mission of the Episcopal Church

Country of origin: USA, Ohio.

Faith Practices Project

What’s Available: Ideas based on 12 faith practices to engage families with children.

Form: Monthly Faith Practice suggestions with links to more ideas including a link specifically for Families.

Covers Which Stages: Families with children, Individuals and groups.

Price of Resource: free

Media Platforms: Website, Facebook, twitter and email

Languages other than English: Spanish

Mission: Helping Churches grow faith for Life

Created By: Christian Reformed Church of North America

Country of Origin: USA: Michigan

Notes: aimed at those in church ministry 


Seeds Family Worship

What’s available: Memory Verse Songs, 

Family Bible study Plan (The 10 minute Journey)

Devotional Dippers (Prayer tool)

 Interactive Children’s Worship Service

20 Verses in 2020, Family Memory verse challenge

Streamed Music

Scripture Backgrounds

Downloadable Memory Verse Cards

Family Worship Boxes

BLOG, shares practical family advice re faith formation

Form: Downloads, mp3, CD, DVD, You Tube, Books, Blog

Covers which Stages: Birth to Adult

Price of Resource: 

FREE: Interactive Children’s Worship Service, 20 Verses in 2020, Family Memory verse challenge, streamed Music, Scripture Backgrounds, Downloadable Memory Verse Cards, Chord Charts.

Albums or individual songs, download –CD, $US11.97

10 Minute Bible Journey $US16

Book Indescribable $US11.97 Other books from $US 9.00

Bible Dippers $US 9.95

Media Platforms: Website, You Tube, Facebook

Languages other than English: None

Mission: to see God’s Word, the Bible, planted in as many homes and hearts as possible around the world. 

Created By: Jason Houser, Josh Hauser and John Majors

Country of origin: USA, Idaho

Notes:  BEST For: Families who enjoy sharing their faith through music

Sean W Smith

What’s available: Songs, Video blog (Winning with Kids)

Form available: Download, CD, video

Covers which Stages:  Winning with Kids is for Parents, and aims to equip and empower parents of children

Price of Resource: Music $13.99 to $18.99, vlog – free, Books from $18.99

Media Platforms: Facebook, website, twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram

Languages other than English: none

MISSION:  to equip parents in raising counter cultural word based children

Country of origin: Australia

Notes: Best for visual learners and those who live out their faith through music


Guardians of Ancora

What’s available: Game, parental advice, including suggestions for Family Faith Formation 

Form available: downloadable app for tablets and smartphone

Covers which Stages: School age children from 8-11 years old

Price of Resource: free

Media platforms: Downloadable app for tablets and smartphones, twitter, and Facebook, website

Languages other than English: Welsh, Serbian, and Albanian, 

Mission: A creative game where children can discover and engage with the Bible

Created by: Scripture Union 

Country of origin: UK


Aetherlight Chronicles

What’s available: Computer Game, parent information pack and reading plan, Bible and extension packs.

Form available: Downloadable Game, Android tablets, ipad, windows and MacOs

Covers which Stages: Preteens and families

Price of Resource: Season 1 (family Pack) access for up to 5 players $US49.99, Individual Access $US24.99 Family reading plan available through You Version, free. Also, free companion levels for download 

Media Platforms: You tube, Instagram, twitter and Facebook

Languages other than English: None

Mission: To create an allegorical Bible presentation that was entertaining, educational, formational.

Created By: Scarlet City Studios

Country of origin: New Zealand 



You Version 

and Bible App for Kids

What’s available: Bible downloads, and The Bible App for Kids, children’s story book Bible for personal electronic devices.

Form available: iOS, Android Apps, webpage

Covers which Stages: all ages.

Price of Resource: free

Media platforms, Apps, webpage, twitter and Facebook

Languages other than English: 60 available, (55 for the Bible App for Kids)

Mission: To encourage a daily rhythm of seeking intimacy with God  

Created by: Life Church

Country of origin: USA, Oklahoma

Notes: resources for parents on the website, also 2 year church curriculum.

D6 App

What’s available: Family Fun Questions, Splink – family devotional, Parent Pages – background devotional information, Family Fun Night suggestions, podcasts, D6 information and products

Form available: App

Covers which Stages: All stages and ages of Faith Formation

Price of Resource: free

Media platforms: website, app, Your Tube, Facebook

Languages other than English: none

Mission: that parents are the primary, disciplers of their families.

Created by: Randall House

Country of origin: USA, Tennessee

Notes:  very Parent friendly


Wendy L

(if you have foudn this useful please mention where you found it)


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