NATIVITY 1 B: Ideas to help the whole family relate to the RCL readings

Have a Blessed Christmas. May the story speak anew to you this season.

This is a page that has collated ideas that suport the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) readings, which are theologically and developmentally approriate, saving you time in finding resources admist this busy season, be it those in paid church employment or families looking for resources. If you use this page please refer to it as appropriate.

We are entering a new season and you will notice that the colour for the season of Christmas is White ( if you find this offensive please feel free to use gold this season.) The season of Christmas starts on the 24th of Decemeber and there are 3 RCL readings for the 24th and 25th of December Services. If you can check with the congregation you are worshipping with either physically or virtually this season to see which reading they will be using it may help your preparation.

I will post on each of these options, Nativity 1B, 2B, 3B and there is a general Christmas page if you are unsure what the readings might be. If you would like to start with some singing there are some songs that you may enjoy on this page, as well as some Christmas stories, and genral activity and colouring in pages.

If at home prepare a worship space, place a white table cloth, your advent candles, and light the final white Christ candle today. You may also include any items that help you concentrate on the season of Christmas.


God came into our life,

shining light into the night

We welcome God’s gift

Jesus today



READ/WATCH: Andrew McDonough’s Tina the Tree

SING: Seeds Christmas, To us a child is Born

DO: Take a flashlight or the phone light and shine it in dark places? What happens, what do you see? Can you build some dark spaces to shine your light into? Is there something fun to find when the light is shone in them?



A Christmas Psalm
​based on Psalm 96

Sing a new song to the Lord
All the earth, sing!
All you people, sing!
See God’s glory, it is coming!
Tell of God’s salvation, it is coming into the world!
Speak of greatness, strength to overcome.
Come out to meet the Lord, proclaiming his name.
Come into his holy place and tremble.
All the earth, tremble in wonder.
All the galaxies, rejoice in praise!
All the oceans and all that lives in the sea – sing for joy!
All the fields and forests and all that lives on the land – shout for joy!
For the Lord is coming –
he is coming to make everything new,
he is coming to put things right.
Rejoice for the Lord is coming …

But will we see him, born in a manger?
Will we proclaim him, son of Mary?
Will we welcome him, this stranger in a strange land?
Will we honour him, this unexpected judge of the world?

Lord God, we see you, born in a manger.
Lord Jesus, we proclaim you, son of God and son of man.
Loving God, we welcome you; come make your home among us.
Lord Jesus, we honour you and praise you and choose again to follow.

My thanks and Christmas Blessings to Rev Purdie

DO:Describe those feelings, Show how these feelings look like in your body or draw it, or point out what it feels like from a set of emotional cards or the Bears App


READ/WATCH What if everyone did that? by Ellen Javernick a suggestion by



DO: Look at your self in the mirror. What do you see? What is the mirror reflecting? Can you draw a refelction picture. Fold a piece of A$ paper into half, draw yourself or a toyon one half of the paper only now try to draw it exactly the same on the other side of the fold

GOSPEL READING: 2 LUKE 1-14 (15-20)


OR READ Brave Girls Bible Stories by Jennifer Gerelds, pp.138-141.

Make an Angel

OR do any of the craft from the general Christmas page.


May yours be a BLessed Christmas

Wendy L


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