Easter 2: Ideas to help the 3’s and under connect with the RCL readings

These suggestions are for use with the 3’s and under who are in worship with you. Or use them during the week to keep connecting with Sunday’s worship.

You may need to organise some resources before Sunday and place in a special Church Bag so you can pick it up and run and have everything with you to share worship with your little one.

Show your children the change in the colour in the Sanctuary, It will be white for the next 7 weeks.

You may need to prepare this week


Snuggle Time Psalms by Gleyns Nellist https://www.word.com.au/Snuggle-Time-Psalms/Glenys-Nellist/9780310749257 Worth buying as we will use it a few times in the coming weeks or ask Church to purchase it for you. It is an American published book with American spelling this only causes confusion in Ps. 91 ( you could glue this page up to avoid spelling confusions). The words and illustrations far outweigh any draw backs.

The Early Reader’s Bible https://www.word.com.au/The-Early-Readers-Bible/V-Gilbert-Beers-Terri-Steiger-Illustrator/9780310701392

The Lion Picture Bible https://www.koorong.com/search/product/the-lion-picture-bible-sarah-dodd/9780745963037.jhtml

The Lion Story Bible https://www.koorong.com/search/product/the-lion-story-bible-sophie-piper-ruth-rivers/9780745964003.jhtml

The Beginners Bible for Toddlers https://www.koorong.com/search/product/the-beginners-bible-for-toddlers-kelly-pulley-illus/9781859857410.jhtml

My First Read aloud Bible https://www.koorong.com/search/product/my-first-read-aloud-bible-mary-batchelor/9781860247712.jhtml


https://store.illustratedchildrensministry.com/collections/illustrated-worship-resources/products/bible-story-coloring-pages-spring-2018ill get you 14 colouring in pages, that is 14 Sundays worth and I will possibly refer to them over the coming weeks. To reduce the cost further, you could share with other families or ask your church to purchase them for you. Note this is a USA publication so the season  for them is Spring, and the price is in US$, so it will cost a little more and possible attract international transaction charges depending on whom your credit card is with)



play dough buy or make https://lettheirlightshine.com/2017/07/31/paper-plate-lion/ scroll dow the page and you will find in on the right hand column

soft toys/dolls

food play toys (ie IKEA https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/90185749/)


Ist READING Acts 4:32-35

READ: The Early Reader’s Bible pp.467-471 Telling others about Jesus

PLAY: food set and soft toys, Play at sharing play food with the toys.

COLOURING IN: http://twistynoodle.com/we-share-coloring-page/



Two beautiful versions of this Psalm written especially for children are

READ: http://www.kidsfriendly.org.nz/worship-together/all-age-worship-resources/  about half way down the page are the words  download Kids Friendly Psalms, in blue. Amongst the download is a children’s version of Ps.133. Keep the downloads, or print them off and keep them in a folder, as over the next few weeks we will use some of the other Psalms.

OR Snuggle Time Psalms by Glenys Nellist Ps. 133

DRAW: Your favourite things.


Thank you God

for all the things I like

such as (list them or count them on your fingers)



2nd READING 1 John 1:1-2:2

READ/WATCH https://www.amazon.com.au/s?_encoding=UTF8&field-keywords=This+Is+Me%3A+A+Story+of+Who+We+Are+and+Where+We+Came+From&node=2496751051 to purchase for KINDLE

OR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP1Mdn-b22E

INSPIRED BY http://storypath.upsem.edu/lectionary-links-rcl-april-8-2018/

PLAY: I’m not a great advocate for play dough in the sanctuary, but today I think it’s the right medium to use to emphasis the idea of being shaped by God and our choices. Take a plastic tray or plastic box top (such as from sistema- available from Woolworths, a Phthalate and PBA free plastic) to create on if you are worshipping where there is no designated play space in the Sanctuary ( close to the front of the church of course).

You can find a recipe to make your own play dough here https://lettheirlightshine.com/2017/07/31/paper-plate-lion/ scroll dow the page and you will find in on the right hand column. (by the way this is a great blog for finding crafty ways of charing your faith with the under 3’s )


Roll each piece of play doh into a ball 

and pray for someone you know until you have a ball play dough person. (this prayer may have been inspired by something here https://www.thykingdomcome.global/search/resources?tags=3&theme_id=22)


GOSPEL: JOHN 20:19-31

READ: The Lion Picture Bible pp.340-343, Alive Again

OR The Lion Storybook Bible pp.220-221, The Locked Room and Thomas

OR The Beginners Bible for Toddlers pp. 154-155 Jesus Returns AND My First Read aloud Bible pp.230-231, Thomas Believes.