AFTER PENTECOST 20 A: ideas to share this week’s RCL readings with even the youngest family members using things you have at home:

You have found a great resource for parents/careers and grandparents to use with their little ones during online or face to face worship, or to use as family devotions during the week.

If you are worshipping on line and are unsure what to do with the “little ears” worshipping with their parents, please feel free to make these suggestions during your service so the young ones too can participate.

If at home you might like to make a space for worship it can be permanent or bought out at times of sharing faith together. We are in the season of After Pentecost, the longest season, and it’s colour is green.

You might like to place a green tablecloth on the dinner table or coffee table, or a white one with green ribbons.

It need be no more complicated than that!

OR you could add a cross, or something that talks to you about faith, such as your Bible.

You can even add a candle (with young children around I like to use the battery operated kind.)


Or if you are looking for a more contemplative version

Or slot it in when the congregation says The Lords Prayer, if you are in a face to face service, or zooming in from Home.



Do: Who do you need by your side: a friend, a toy. Go get the toy or older children can explain or write a poem as to why theri friend is important to them.

DRAW: Is there a place you feel God’s presence. If there is draw it, if there isn’t what might it be like?



Psalm 99: If you shake us

​(as a prayer of confession)

O God, how incredible you are! (arms up high)
How ordinary we are. (make yourselve small)
The earth shakes with your power (shake your body)
and we tremble, afraid (tremble)
that if you shake us we’d fall apart. (fall to the ground)
We see your brilliance (hide your eyes)
and we hide in the dark. (shrink down)
We know how pure you are, pure love, (make a love heart with your hands)
and we know that we are a mess. (shake)
Forgive us, God. (hand your head)
We stuff up. (drop your shoulders)
We forget to live in your light. (pretend to hold a candle)

Many thanks again to Rev. Purdie

COLOURING IN: Grab a 12 month membership to Stushie, for $US25 and you will find a page to colour in for today’s Psalm. (there is also one for the Gospel Reading – Double bonus today)


READ/WATCH: The Recess Queen By Alexis O’Neill and laura Huliska-Beith a suggestion by read why

QUESTION: What are you thankful for? Draw, talk share your thoughts.

SING: Give Thanks



COLOURING-IN: I have always recommended Illustrated Ministry’s work, though I prefer free stuff, I have found their work very reflective of how I find meaning in the passages, but more importantly I have noticed that chidlren of all ages love them and find meaning in them. Their FALL season has started and will give you a colouring in sheet each week until the end of November. It is $US19 for the quarter, and if you have kids that love colouring in it is money well spent COLOURING-IN


Get out the play money (really the only form of currency kids see these days)

Line them up and attach one of the Fruits of the spirit to them. Read of the Fruits of the spirit here?

Assign a coin or note to each of the fruits and pray for God to grant you or help create in you the particular fruit.

If doing this as a family, write the fruits on pieces of paper or sticky notes take turns choosing a fruit and a corresponding coin. THen write a prayer or pray together for or about that fruit and it’s value in your family.