Be the Change

Come and join me, sit down and have a coffee.

Let me share, no encourage you to keep going, keep trying.

One of my ex colleagues, fellow student and yes I’ll use the word friend, sat down over coffee last week.

Both of us had been employed in Child and Family Ministry, now we were still  convinced that we were following God’s calling. Just in a different way.

She, is now a church administer and is guiding her congregation, she finds that her training has well placed her to help her congregation face the challenges it is facing, in fact like Moses she’s been leading by example and preparing many.

As an Elder I am finding that I don’t leave my training at the door, I am still using my knowledge to guide and model good child and family ministry.

Neither of us has found it easy but it has been rewarding in unique, even unexpected ways.

Now rather than moan again, that we need more congregations to realise the importance of Children and Families to their congregations, and employ Child and Family ministers, (though they should and those who are working in the field are finding it difficult running between employers to make finances meet, yep another ex colleague had a word to me about that recently). I want to encourage you, be you trained in Child and Family Ministry, a parent, an Elder etc, TO NOT GIVE UP.

If you feel called, then finding alternative ways to care for the Children and Families in your congregation, is worth doing. You can make differences, from worshipping with your children in church, to being on Church Council, to preaching from a Child Theology Movement lens. If you are untrained, I encourage you to head to your local Theology College or University that has a dedicated Children’s spirituality course and enrol. Arm yourself with the most up to date information and be the change you want to see.

You might write articles for your church paper or your pew sheet. You are welcome to use anything on this blog for that but please credit it appropriately.

Like Jesus, Let the children come,(Matt 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16) place them in the centre, (Matt 18:2, Mark 9:36, Luke 9:47).

Be the change.