Good Friday Year B, ideas to engage the whole family(especially the youngest) in the set RCL readings for today.



You have found a page that uses easily found ideas to help you share the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) readings with children. Instead of sifting through many websites, facebook , pinterest, instagram, and blog posts; this is a one stop shop where I have done the sifting for you to find theologically and developmentally appropriate material for your congregation or family.

These ideas can be used in a church setting as you parent in the pews or in your own home while connecting to a broadcast service or for your daily family devotions.

They are for use by parents, grandparents and carers and for small congregations who do not have a Child and Family Ministry.


If worshipping at home. You may want to set up a space that stays up permanently or that you bring out for worship.

Set up a candle, a cross, and place on a black or red tablecoth or shawl.

If able to worship in the Chruch buildings pack a special backpack, as well as filling it with your Covid Safe equipment, add the books or materials required to help your young ones relate to readings.

For adults and older students you might like to take a journal with which to record anything that grabs your attention during the service. Write a precis of the message (traditional or sensory word), draw or write a response in and keep a record of emotions.


You might like to start with the Lords prayer if at home, or either of these suggestions can be used when the Lord’s Prayer is said within a set service.

Today I recommend this contemplative version

During Prayers of the People, Try some meditative prayer. Don’t ask them to sit in silence for very long, (we don’t want them to feel as if they have failed, how long depends on your child and their age – 5 secs can be too long for some) Ask them to sit comfortably, close their eyes, place their hands in their lap and take a few deep breaths, so deep that theri belly rises. End with amen.

FIRST READING: Isaiah 52:13-53:12

READ: The Velvetten Bunny by Margery Williams


I chose this book as I saw some parallels between the Isaiah reading and the Velveteen Bunny who, learns what he has to do to become human and that it is not easy or pretty. in the same way the suffering servant’s life is not easy or appreciated the true value of it is not seen or appreciated by everyone.

OR read the Story Book Bible from A dark night in the garden, p.294 – 306.

Make a cross out of cardboard, draw on the cross all the painful things Jesus experienced on his way to the cross.


READ: For the Very Young Psalms of Praise by Danielle Hitchen, STAND


Psalm 22: Don’t leave me!

My God, my God, how could you leave me?
(hang your head)
Just when I needed you most, you are gone! (look sad)
I am eaten up by pain,(hug your body)
my life is pouring down the drain (slup to the floor)
Around and around rage the forces of hate. (look around you)
Is this the end? Is this my fate? (put a questioning look on your face OR hold your hands out and palm up)

(You might like to stop it there today and then finish it on Sunday)

The answer bursts open the grave –
Christ, who died, is alive!
Tell the world, for all time –
death is defeated, Christ is alive!

Words by Rev Purdie, actions by me

Describe those feelings in this Psalm. Show how these feelings look like in your body or draw it, or point out what it feels like from a set of emotional cards or the Bears App

How does the second part of the Psalm make you feel?

SECOND READING: Hebrews 10:16-25

READ OR from a Children’s Bible such as Beginner’s Bible

OR READ Everybody brings nooddles by Norah Dooley


see why

SING: Seeds Family Worship, He is Faithful

OR Make me faithful by Soverign Grace Kids album To be Like Jesus



I want to be like you

Help me to absorb your deeds

So that they are a part of me too


OR Hebrews 4:14-16, 5:7-9

READ: Kitten for a Day by Ezra Jake Keats


See Why it was suggested

SING Jesus You are my Hope by Soverign Grace Kids” album To be Like Jesus


You lived amongst us Jesus

Even though you are God’s Son

Everything I feel

You understand



GOSPEL READING: John 18:1-19:42

READ: Peter and The Rooster by Andrew McDonough


SING He died upon a Cross by Colin Buchanan on his album Practice Being Godly

MAKE:A Rooster hand print You will find how to make one in this video explaining Easter using hand prints, find it at the 1.35 minute mark to 2.05 minutes. (note the 3 fingers like the 3 crosses)


Wendy L.

Please check local guidlines before using items that are not mine and acknowledge this page if you have found it useful, especially if you are using this page for congregational use.