Epiphany 5: Ideas to help parents/guardians relate Sunday’s RCL readings to their 3’s and under.

Prepare a special church bag in advance each week so that you are ready for the rush on Sunday Morning.

Sit towards the front so they can see what is going on.

Read during the Bible readings,

Pray during the prayers,

Colour, Draw or Craft during the sermon.

Craft or drawing or play are for spiritual responses not for a perfectionist piece that can be shown off.

Remember that little ones will need their own space to move and wiggle,

You have bought your child to worship. Enjoy engaging them in it.


READ: The Jesus Story Book Bible p.144 stopping at the start of the 2nd last paragraph.

DRAW: Things you can do to help others.

PRAY: Dear God:

The only thing you find small (open up your hand as if holding something very tiny)

Is our understanding of you. (Fling your arms wide open)



READ: http://www.conversations.net.nz/psalm-138-thank-you-for-your-love.html

DO: When you hear the words heart or Love make a love heart with your hands

When you hear the words power or strength show off a muscle in your arm.

SECOND READING: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

READ/WATCH: https://youtu.be/QGbAE-KS8LM Remember Me by Cecelia Meng

As suggested by http://storypath.upsem.edu/lectionary-links-rcl-february-10-2019/

PLAY: with nesting dolls, or building cups that grow larger out of each other.

MAKE: Cut out paper dolls, showing how by cutting one we can grow to be many.



READ: The Lion Story Book, by Sophie Piper, Jesus and the Fisherman pp148-149

OR My First Read a loud Bible by Batchelor and Boshoff, Peter Goes Fishing pp. 156-157.

Colouring-In: https://store.illustratedchildrensministry.com/collections/coloring-sheets-posters/products/bible-story-coloring-pages-winter-2018-2019

MAKE: a picture Use blue paper or stiffened felt, make a simple boat out of brown paper, or brown felt, such as a simple rectangle. Collect the net around lemons or limes or oranges and use it to make a net from the boat into the water.


Wendy L.