18th Sunday after Pentecost Year C: Ideas to help you share this weeks RCL readings with the 3’s and under.

I hope you and your children enjoy spending time together in Church this week.

Here are some ideas to help you share the Readings from the Revised Common Lectionary with your children.

If you are a parent or Guardian

Prepare a special church bag in advance each week so that you are ready for the rush on Sunday Morning.

Always have plain drawing paper, washable  TEXTA’S , the books that are suggested and the toys or craft suggested for this week

Remember to download the colouring sheets and check out the links before Sunday morning.

Sit towards the front so they can see what is going on.

Sing or sway during the Hymns

Read during the Bible readings,

Pray during the prayers,

Colour, Draw or Craft during the sermon.

Craft or drawing or play are for spiritual responses not for a perfectionist piece

 that can be shown off. Don’t throw these out when you leave the church. Keep them at home in a special box, and bring them out to remind your child what has been happening or use as future prayer points.

Remember that little ones will need their own space to move and wiggle,

You have bought your child to worship. Enjoy engaging them in it.

If you are a small congregation without a Child and Family Minister have an area available near the front for parents/guardians to worship with their children, and print off this information so that it is readily available or direct them to this site. Set up an area with books and toys in it that will enhance their spiritual experience. (Ie not just toys for “keeping them quiet”).Spiritual Delights or Toy Box tat! andMake the books appealing

If you would like these ideas as a PDF file sent to you each week, please contact me.

THE LORDS PRAYER IN ACTIONS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOugEQpcc_k OR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMjm93ylL2w


READ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWws5lg5NeI Blackout by John Rocco

as suggested by http://storypath.upsem.edu/lectionary-links-rcl-october-9-2016/

OR Florette by Anne Walker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKcZqwOWP9s

PLAY:  with toys that change, a doll that is two things, or a truck that changes into a robot, etc


Thank you God

that You are always with me


PSALM 66:1-12

READ; http://www.conversations.net.nz/psalm-66-come-and-hear.html

How does this Psalm make you feel?

Draw it or show it or point out the emotion from a set of emotional cards https://innovativeresources.org/resources/card-sets/bears-cards/ or the Bears App https://innovativeresources.org/resources/digital-applications/bears-app/

COLOURING -IN: https://store.illustratedministry.com/collections/coloring-sheets-posters/products/bible-story-coloring-pages-fall-2019?variant=29474498478178 Under the USA term of Fall 2019, there are 13 colouring in sheets for the next 13 weeks, starting September the 1st. which can be downloaded for US$10. NOTE Illustrated Children’s Ministry is now Illustrated Ministry.



READ: I like myself by Karen Beaumont https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vPI4gKWDGg  as suggested by http://storypath.upsem.edu/lectionary-links-rcl-october-9-2016/

PLAY: Play with your favourite toys. It’s all about being part of God’s community.


God you made me

from my toes (point to your toes)

to my head (point to your head)

from my fingers to my fingers

I will be my best

for You. Always




READ: My First Read-a loud Bible by Batchelor and Boshaoff, Saying Thank you pp.188-189

OR The Beginner’s Bible Ten Lepers pp.405-408.

PLAY: With your favourite toys and concentrate on saying Thank you


Prayer of thanks

Fold an A4 page like a fan,

Then draw something on each flat piece that you are thankful for.

Now hold the page and pray aloud about each thing you have drawn.


Now is the time to continue teaching your child beyond the walls of the church. 

Use the craft or drawings during the week to talk about the service or the stories.

Use any of the readings during the week, at bedtime, as story time or during the day in play or prayer.

Enjoy sharing your faith with your child.


Wendy L.