And a Happy New Year- free Liturgical calendar and kniting patterns

Yes, you read that correctly it is the start of another Liturgical Year.

For a video explaining the liturgical calendar watch this one from Godly Play

How are you celebrating the beginning of the year?

Many will start a Christmas Countdown, like this one from The Uniting Chruch in Australia (where you might see a small contribution of mine),

Or an Advent Study such as this free one from Sally Lloyd-Jones the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible

Maybe a Colouring in Calender like these from Praying in Color might encourage your prayer pattern this Advent

If music is your thing, you might like to try a Spotify Advent collection or Listen to the Advent specific album by Liturgical Folk.

If after a Socially responsible Advent Calendar try this one from BRF

Just for you, I have created a Liturgical year Calendar for you to download. Each Liturgical season is shown in Colour. If you want the Revised Common Lectionary Readings for each week you can download one here. If you want some suggestions to help the readings come alive each week subscribe to this blog and get them in your inbox each week.

Another way to mark the Liturgical year is to create some Intergenerational knitted objects, which you can do as a congregation or create individually. Those who can knit can teach those who need to learn. Use these ideas and patterns to decorate the family Worship space or for your own worship space.

A friend suggested that the whole congregation can get involed and create a large scarf, with each person or family contributing a couple of rows.

I have created 3 objects for you or your congregation to make

  1. an individual worship space mat
  2. a toy’s scarf
  3. a knitted cushion.

All quick and easy to complete.

By counting the knitted rows anyone can work out where they are in the liturgical circle, useful for those with sight impairments. Also wonderful to settle or soothe some neurodivergent thinkers. Great for encouraging counting skills and understanding the continual nature of the cycle of the year.

I used 8 ply wool and size 5mm knitting needles. You can use cotton, or acrylic, and if you change the ply make sure to use the appropriate needle size, BE MINDFUL THAT IT WILL ALSO CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE ITEM.

I used simple plain knit stitch for the mat and back of the cushion, and I used stocking stitch – alternating one row plain, then one row purl, for the toy’s scarf.

I counted only the Sunday’s in the year (except for Good Friday) and used the colours of the liturgical season.

The liturgical colours for the seasons are

Advent, Purple (closer to the blue spectrum) or Royal Blue

Christmas, Easter and Special Occassions without their own colours, White (though some are prefering to use Gold)

Ordinary Time, Green

Lent, Purple (closer to the red spectrum)

Good Friday Black or Red

Pentecost, Red

For the key below use the first letter in Bold to decide the season/colour

A standard Ball of yarn will more than cover each item.

Here are the instructions for each item

  1. An Individual worship mat.

Start with Purple or Blue for Advent, cast on 15 stitches work 2 rows in plain knitting for each Sunday

A 4 weeks = 8 rows

C 3 weeks = 6 rows

O 5 weeks = 10 rows

C 1 week = 2 rows

L 7 weeks = 14 rows

G 1 day = 2 rows

C 7 days = 14 rows

P 1 week = 2 rows

C 1 week = 2 rows

O 23 weeks = 46 rows

C 1 week = 2 rows

Cast off

2. A toy’s scarf

Start with Purple or Blue for Advent, cast on 10 stitches work 4 rows in stocking stitch for each Sunday

A 4 weeks = 16 rows

C 3 weeks = 12 rows

O 5 weeks = 20 rows

C 1 week = 4 rows

L 7 weeks = 28 rows

G 1 day = 4 rows

C 7 days = 28 rows

P 1 week = 4 rows

C 1 week = 4 rows

O 23 weeks = 92 rows

C 1 week = 4 rows

Cast off

3. Cushion,

this cushion should be able to take a 41×41 cushion insert, and will need 2 buttons.

Cast on 75 stiches of any colour you wish (i prefer not to use a colour from a season)

Knit in plain stitch for 23 cm

Switch to stocking stich

A 4 weeks = 12 rows

C 3 weeks = 9 rows

O 5 weeks = 15 rows

C 1 week = 3 rows

L 7 weeks = 21 rows

G 1 day = 3 rows

C 7 days = 21 rows

P 1 week = 3 rows

C 1 week = 3 rows

O 23 weeks = 69 rows

C 1 week = 3 rows

Switch to plain kniting and knit for 21cm create two button holes ( knit 2 together in one row at 20 stitches and 45 stiches then create a stitch in the next row to make the hole)

Cast off when 23 cm from the last Seasonal Row.

Sew the sides up and sew on buttons

A Happy New Year

Blessings Wendy L.

I am writing this on Wurundjeri land and wish to pay respect to all Elders, past, present and emerging.


Happy Liturgical New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is the start of the liturgical New year.

You might like to view this Godly Play explanation of the liturgical year

You might like to make your own calender, download a calender starting in Novemeber 2020 until November 2021. Then colour each Sunday with the Liturgical colour.

Or you might like to make a necklace, using a bead of the right liturgical colour for each Sunday.

Or you might like to make a paper chain, with each link being of the right liturgical colour for each Sunday.

This year the Liturgical Colours for each Sunday are

29/11/2020 Advent – Purple/Blue

6/12/2020 Advent – Purple/Blue

13/12/2020 Advent – Purple/Blue

20/12/2020 Advent – Purple/Blue

(Christmas day 25/12/2020 – White)

27/12/2020 Christmas – White

3/1/2021 Christmas – White

10/1/2021 Baptism of Jesus – White

17/1/2021 Epiphany – Green

24/1/2021 Epiphany – Green

31/1/2021 Epiphany- Green

7/2/2021 Epiphany – Green

14/2/2021 Transfiguration of Jesus – White

21/2/2021 Lent – Purple

28/2/2021 Lent – Purple

7/3/2021 Lent – Purple

14//3/2021 Lent – Purple

21/3/2021 Lent – Purple

28/3/2021 Palm/Passion Sundy- Purple

(2/4/2021 Good Friday – Black)

4/4/2021 Easter Day- White

11/4/2021 Easter – White

18/4/2021 Easter – White

25/4/2021 Easter – White

2/5/2021 Easter – White

9/5/2021 Easter – White

16/5/2021 Easter – White

23/5/2021 Pentecost – Red

30/5/2021 Trinity Sunday – White

6/6/2021- After Pentecost – Green

13/6/2021- After Pentecost – Green

20/6/2021- After Pentecost – Green

27/6/2021- After Pentecost – Green

4/7/2021- After Pentecost – Green

11/7/2021- After Pentecost – Green

18/7/2021- After Pentecost – Green

25/7/2021- After Pentecost – Green

1/8/2021- After Pentecost – Green

8/8/2021- After Pentecost – Green

15/8/2021- After Pentecost – Green

22/8/2021- After Pentecost – Green

29/8/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

5/9/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

12/9/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

19/9/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

26/9/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

3/10/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

10/10/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

17/10/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

24/10/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

31/10/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

7/11/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

14/11/2021- Afterv Pentecost – Green

21/11/2021- Christ the King/Reign of the King – White


Wendy L.

(please feel free to use anything here just acknowldge my authorship, than-you)