ADVENT 4 Year C: Ideas to engage everyone in Sunday’s RCL Bible readings (especially the youngest), for small Churches or families worshipping at home.

I use easily found ideas to help you share the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) readings. with Instead of sifting through many websites, facebook , pinterest, instagram, and blog posts; this is a ONE STOP SHOP where I have done the sifting for you to find theologically and developmentally appropriate material for your congregation or family.


For anyone looking for ideas to help share God’s word with everyone including the youngest.

Whether you are preparing traditional worship or an all age or Intergenerational service. You can include this link or share these ideas in your Church newsletter, in your Order of service or on your media notes. .

OR you are a parent wanting something for your children to use either in face to face or with broadcast services, as you parent from the pews or couch

Or during family devotion times.

Though you will find simple ways into the text here THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU CAN DO IS SHARE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAITH. I firmly believe that it is in the relationship, that the Faith formation of the next generation truely starts. You will notice that there are very few prompts or questions on this page. This is to allow your child to do the thinking and to work out what is important to them from the texts. Sometimes they may give you an insight or even ask a question? There are no wrong insights or crazy questions, and you are enough, enough to listen, enough to work it out together, ENOUGH to share your love of GOD with your child.

Here is a great presentation on children’s spirituality, but most importantly from the 40 minute mark on, it speaks about the importance of teaching through story and explains the process I recommend you use with children.


If worshipping at home. You may want to set up a space/alter/focal spot, to bring out when you worship or to keep out everyday.

You can do this by setting up a candle, and add the things that remind YOU of God, a cross, a Bible that everyone likes to read from, a word, a special object, even something from one of the readings. Or set up an Advent Candle Countdown like the one above.

If able to worship in the Church buildings pack a special backpack, as well as filling it with your Covid Safe equipment, add the books or materials required to help your young ones relate to today’s readings.

For adults and older students you might like to take a journal with which to record anything that grabs your attention during the service. Write a precis of the message (traditional or sensory word), draw or write a response in and keep a record of emotions. You could use a template like this free download


WELCOME: Everyone is welcome here.



You might like to start with the Lord’s Prayer if at home, or say the Lord’s Prayer within a set place if following along in a service. Here are 4 options


A more contemplative version

Or for a more Intergenerational approach try Number 1 on the Table Settings album by Liturgical Folks


Advent is the season where we prepare for the arrival of God’s promise. The Liturgical colours are Purple (on the blue side of the spectrum) or Blue. Each Denomination has a slightly different variant but I will be using A Purple candle this week. With a Pink candle on Advent 3. Each week there is a theme, this week it is LOVE.

Colouring in sheets Look for the LOVE sheet for today

LISTEN Let us be known by our love No.10 on Liturgical Fok’s album Crumbs


This year I am giving you the choice of liturgy, one based on the Southern Cross and one from last year.


You can print this version of the Southern Cross here

Place a candle on the star. Today I use GACRUX as it is the second brightest star in the constellation. ( You can find more information on the Southern Cross here, including the star names, and some information on how The First peoples understand these stars)

OR if you have a flag or piece of clothing with the Southern Cross on it you might use a torch behind, to shine through the fabric. DO NOT place the material directly on any heat source, electrical, battery or flame.

(actions in italics)

We stand under the Southern Cross (Arms and eyes high)

As the First People have and still do.

God you were always in this land (plant your feet firmly on the ground)

We light our next star of Advent (twinkle your fingers)

May it guide us to find our Love in You. (Make a love heart with your hands)


Liturgy B WEEK 4 LOVE

Pretend to be a flame as you say or sing (to the tune of Twinkle twinkle little star) this liturgy. Remember to move like a flame. Today’s candles are purple or blue perhaps you can wear or put on something that is purple of blue

This can be sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Little candle burning bright

Light in my heart (make a love heart with your hands)

Love tonight

May it shine

To others lives

Caring deeply

As we go

Little Candle burning Bright

Light in my heart (make a love heart with your hands)

Love tonight

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE: Buy a pad of sticky heart shapes, without tearing them write on them the name of people who love God, and those people who you would like to see love God.

Take one from the stack and pray for that person creating a heart shape with the heart sticky notes.

FIRST READING: Micah 5:2-5a

READ: The Spark Story Bible, A Ruler from Bethleham

SING/LISTEN Seeds Family Worship No.2 To the ends of the Earth on the Seeds of Christmas EP.

Mighty God,

YOu keep your promises

Like your people from the past

Help me to wait patiently


PSALM: LUKE 1:46b- 55

LISTEN No.7 Song of Mary from Matins and Vespers by Liturgical Folk

How does the Psalm make you feel? Use an emoji to show or draw the feeling?


Psalm 80:1-7

excerpt from

THE Restoration Project By Rev Purdie at Conversations

Can’t you hear your people, Lord?
Can’t you see the state of things?
Great Shepherd of Israel, hear the cry of your sheep.
Mighty God of Hosts, see your people’s pain.
We are tired of eating the bread of tears
We are worn by strife and fear.
Restore us with your favour, Lord!
Save us in your love.

How does this Psalm make you feel? Can you point out how you feel using an emoji, or can you draw it?

SECOND READING: Hebrews 10:5-10

READ: Good People Everywhere by Lynea Gillen


a suggestion by Storypath

DRAW a picture of a good deed you can do or one from the story?

Create a circle and draw stories of Jesus’s life from his birth to his death.

GOSPEL READING: Luke 1:39-45(46-55)

READ: The Spark Story Bible, Mary Visits Elizabeth

LISTEN from the Advent Album, Our Lady Sings magnificant no.6 by Liturgical Folk



SENDING HYMN Tell the World by Hillsong Kids Learn the actions here


Wendy L.

Please check local guidlines before using items that are not mine especially if you are using this page for congregational use. Please acknowedge this page if you find it useful. Thank you.

I am writing this on Wurundjeri land and wish to pay respect to all Elders, past, present and emerging.


ADVENT 4C: Ideas to help you and your 3’s and under enjoy church and relate to the RCL readings

Advent Candles and a children’s Prayer.IMG_3212

During Advent, many congregations will count down to Christmas using the 4 candle system. Usually they will be Purple or Blue with the Love candle (week 3) often in Pink.

MAKE: your own candle each week, cut an A4 sheet of cardboard in purple or blue (depending on what your church uses) write this week’s word, LOVE in any languages you use or know, or that are used by members in your church community (if you don’t know the right word, ask congregational members to write it for you). Cut a piece of 4cm yellow or orange (or both) of cellophane, crinkle the square, then stuff into the top of the candle.

You can also decorate a paper plate, and place each week’s candle around the plate until Christmas

Or you could purchase and download$US15, for 5 candles. HINT, Print base on thick paper.

PRAY: (Stand tall with your hands, palms together over your head)

Little candle burning bright

Grow our LOVE

To fill the world.


FIRST READING: Micah 5:2-5a

READ/WATCH: Waiting by Kevin Henkes thanks to

OR you could read Christmas story today in what ever storybible your child likes or try My First Read-aloud Bible by Batchelor and Boshoff pp.138-141 Jesus is born and The Shepherds, explain that this was all told a long time before it happened.

PLAY/MAKE with or make a nativity

or if into Lego and your child is past putting things in there mouth try

PRAY: Thank you God

That you keep your promises



PSALM: Luke 1:47-55


PRAY: Draw a list of all those things you want to thank God for.

OR Psalm 80:1-7

Psalm 80: The Restoration Project
(For Advent: The Lectionary Psalm for Sunday 3 December 2017)

Can’t you hear your people, Lord? (put your hands over your ears)
Can’t you see the state of things? (put your hands over your eyes)
Great Shepherd of Israel, hear the cry of your sheep. (rub your eyes)
Mighty God of Hosts, see your people’s pain. (hold your hands over your stomach)
We are tired of eating the bread of tears (put your hands on your forehead)
We are worn by strife and fear. (drop your shoulders)
Restore us with your favour, Lord! (hold your hands up in above your head)
Save us in your love. (make a love heart with your hands)
Your home on earth is past repair (shake your head)
The walls are cracked and broken (hang your head)
The fruiting vine is hacked and burned (swing your hands from your shoulder to hip)
Your people turn away. (turn your face to the side)
Send us a Shepherd, Lord! (drop your shoulders)
Send us a Son from your right hand. (fold your hands in a prayer position)
All your strength is in him (Put your arms up as to show off your muscles)
All your power to heal. (fold your hands in a prayer position)
Restore us with your favour, Lord! (smile)
Save us in your love. (make a love heart with your hands) actions by me.

PRAY: for help. Use the play mat and pray for the cars, people, animals , beach etc as you drive around. Remember to thank God for sending help. Amen

SECOND READING: Hebrews 10:5-10

READ/WATCH; Good People Everywhere by Lynea Gillen a suggestion by  strata the 18 sec mark

PLAY: with community toys, such as dolls house, animals or cars, Practice being nice/kind to others.

PRAY: Jesus died to save us

and we want to be like Him

So help us see someone else’s need

So we may help them too.



GOSPEL READING: Luke 1:39-45 (46-55)

READ: My First Read-aloud Bible by Batchelor and Boshoff pp.134-135

COLOURING IN: IF purchased this week (about $15 Aus ) it will supply you with colouring in sheets for the next 11 weeks)


PLAY: families, have enough small (but not age appropriately too small) dolls or figures for them to act out family dynamics, Mum Dad, Aunts Uncles and Cousins.

 Prepare a special church bag in advance each week so that you are ready for the rush on Sunday Morning.


Read during the Bible readings,


Pray during the prayers,


Colour, Draw or Craft during the sermon.


Craft or drawing or play are for spiritual responses not for a perfectionist piece that can be shown off.


Remember that little ones will need their own space to move and wiggle,


Sit towards the front so they can see what is going on.



Remember that you have bought your child to worship. Enjoy engaging them in it.

Older children might enjoy



You might need to purchase

A Large Battery operated candle

Heavy coloured paper to make paper chain in 5 colours  2 different purples or a purple and a blue, green, white, red

a paper plate


a road mat

toy cars, and family dolls or figurines

You might need to Print If purchased this week (about $15 Aus ) it will supply you with colouring in sheets for the next 11 weeks)



Wendy L