Happy Father’s Day for those in Australia and New Zealand.

If you are worshipping on line and are unsure what to do with the “little ears” worshipping with their parents, please feel free to make these suggestions during your service so the young ones too can participate.

This is also a great resource for parents/careers and grandparents to use with their little ones during online or face to face worship, or to use as family devotions during the week.

If at home you might like to make a space for worship it can be permanent or bought out at times of sharing faith together. We are in the season of After Pentecost, the longest season, and it’s colour is green.

You might like to place a green tablecloth on the dinner table or coffee table, or a white one with green ribbons.

It needs be no more complicated than that!

You could add a cross, or something that talks to you about faith, such as your Bible.

You can even add a candle (with young children around I like to use the battery operated kind.)


Or slot it in when the congregation says The Lords Prayer, if you are in a face to face service, or zooming in from Home.

As this Sunday is also Father’s Day in Australia and NZ you might like to include this Blessings for Father’s

FIRST READING: Exodus 12:1-14

READ: The Lion Picture Bible pp.82-83

OR The Jesus Storybook Bible pp.88-89

PLAY: Have a special meal with your toys

OR create a special dinner, you might include a lamb dish or even roast a lamb or leg of lamb but you don’t have to. Just create a dinner in which you can discuss the first passover.


Thank you God,

that those who followed your ways

Were kept safe

and well fed

for the long journey to come



Psalm 149: Find joy here

Psalm 149: Find joy here

Praise to the Lord! (Hold arms above your head)
Sing to the Lord a new song (open your mouth wide)
Sing his praise in the company of friends (with mouth open move your head from right to left)
Find joy here, celebrating the one who made us (star jump)
Find joy here, praising God! (star jump)
Praise with your body, move and dance (dance a little)
Praise with your voice, your drums and guitars (pretend to play the drums)
Find a place here, (stand still)
for God is delighted with you (give yourself a hug)
Be you broken or lost (hang your head)
be you fragile or sad (make a sad face)
God delights in you (give yourself hug)
Glory grows as we praise God (Hold your arms above your head)
and God lifts up our heads (look up)
Praise the Lord with joy! (star jump)

words from the pen of RevPurdie, actions by me

COLOURING IN: For $US25 a year you will find colouring in sheets to use with RCL readings.

SECOND READING: Romans 13:8–14

READ: Watch/Read Flashlight by Izzie Boyd

CRAFT: Draw a colourful picture, now wash with black pain or black crayon(non-toxic, please). When the paint is dry. Scratch off bits of the paint or crayon to reveal parts of the drawing underneath.

OR Get up early today or tomorroew to see the sun rise on a new day and see how it chases the darkness away


Thank you God

that you help us see good

when things seems bleak


GOSPEL READING: Matthew 18:15-20

WATCH/READ: No Dogs Allowed by Anne Davis

Q. What stories can you think of where the RULE says one thing but the Right thing to do is something different?

SING: from BAA BAA DOO BAA BAA by Colin Buchanan, track 18

COLOURING-IN: I have always recommended Illustrated Ministry’s work, though I prefer free stuff, I have found their work very reflective of how I find meaning in the passages, but more importantly I have noticed that chidlren of all ages love them and find meaning in them. Their FALL season starts today and will give you a colouring in sheet each week until the end of November. It is $US19 for the quarter, and if you have kids that love colouring in it is money well spent COLOURING-IN