Running late for Lent?

It’s not too late to begin your family’s preparation for Lent, some family Lent studies are for each Sunday in Lent so you’re actually —“EARLY”!!

Or really just one day late. So you missed Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, the important point is that your ready to make an effort.

Or maybe you don’t know how to. Like me, you may not have grown up in a Christian Tradition that celebrated Lent only Easter, or come to the Christian faith separately to your birth family.

Well I really value Lent now, this time to spend time deliberately studying Jesus’s life i’ve found refreshing. I grew up thinking that Lent was a Catholic tradition so was quiet happy to watch my cousins struggle with the things they had to give up for Lent. I now see the wider protestant view can be powerful and love the idea of Lent being a home practice faith time.

I’ve seen greater understanding by the children of families that deliberately define the Lenten period.

Here is a beautiful explanation of what Lent can mean for your family.

So here are some simple suggestions for those running late — for Lent.

  1. Define the period by making a Lenten paper chain. The forty links DO NOT include Sundays’ so make the 40 days purple, Sunday’s white, and Good Friday Black. Add a chain a day, and say a prayer or read a Bible story book or a couple of pages on Christ’s life each day.
  2. Listen to a Christian Radio station, if there isn’t one near you try digital radio on the internet. Or play the children’s favourite Christian performers or songs. Make it a point to learn a new song each week.
  3. Use purple, placemats, napkins and Candles for meals during Lent and start each meal with Grace.
  4. Follow the Lent Ideas for Families, 3rd item down, downloadable family ideas for each week of Lent from FLAME

5. Or follow this calendar from our friends across the ditch

5. Or try Praying in Colour this Lent

6. This one costs a little bit but it’s downloadable and the families I’ve used these resources with have always valued them. (don’t forget it is in American dollars and your bank may charge an international transaction fee. That said it’s still a  wonderful resource if you can squeeze it into the budget)

6.  If you have teenagers and want a social orientated Lent try

Spoilt for choice.

Unsure what to do with your family? Just pick one if it doesn’t work try something else. But above all else keep the conversation going.

I love the idea of this book BUT it is written for the northern hemisphere and there may be some faith practices that do not suit your faith tradition. I omit pp.4 and 5, and 18 and 19. You can take a look here to see if it’s suitable for your family!SEAS They will post to Australia.


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