Easter 3B: ideas to engage the whole family(especially the youngest) in the set RCL readings for today



You have found a page that uses easily found ideas to help you share the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) readings with children. Instead of sifting through many websites, facebook , pinterest, instagram, and blog posts; this is a one stop shop where I have done the sifting for you to find theologically and developmentally appropriate material for your congregation or family.

These ideas can be used in a church setting as you parent in the pews or in your own home while connecting to a broadcast service or for your daily family devotions.

They are for use by parents, grandparents and carers and for small congregations who do not have a Child and Family Ministry.


If worshipping at home. You may want to set up a space to bring out when you worship or to keep out everyday..

We have entered the season of EASTER and white is the colour of the season. (Though it is the chosen colour you may prefer to use Gold)

Set up a candle, and what ever helps you focus on the season, it might be a cross, some flowers to represent New Life, an empty container, a circle of some kind or anything that inspires you.

If able to worship in the Chruch buildings pack a special backpack, as well as filling it with your Covid Safe equipment, add the books or materials required to help your young ones relate to readings.

For adults and older students you might like to take a journal with which to record anything that grabs your attention during the service. Write a precis of the message (traditional or sensory word), draw or write a response in and keep a record of emotions.


You might like to start with the Lords prayer if at home, or say the Lord’s Prayer within a set place in the service.

Today try this version IN ACTIONS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOugEQpcc_k OR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMjm93ylL2w

Or if you are looking for a more contemplative version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NuUo-igXDU&fbclid=IwAR2FasYCU-9mP1PaLQDjweXyhyUnJutt4J28KycjzeUEttWSesipX2jmJxE

Prayers of the people: Lay 5 cards down on the table on each card write or draw 1) Food 2) a home 3)a hug 4) someone to listen 5) smile. Turn them over, mix them up and as you turn each over pray for someone who might need the idea that is on the card.

FIRST READING: Acts 3:12-19

READ: Children of God Storybook Bible by Desmond Tutu, The disciples Spread the Good News pp.118-119


DO: Get a bucket of water, or go to a nearby pond or fill the sink with water. Throw a small object ie a rock, a small toy, into the water and watch the ripples.

Or drop coloured water or paint onto absorbent paper and watch how it spreads.


Thank you God

that you love us when we are scared

(like Peter in the Garde of Gethsemone)

and when we are brave

(like Peter in teh Temple)



For Little Ones READ Snuggle Time Prayers by Glynis Nellist

OR Psalms Of Praise by Danielle Primer

Older Ones

SING Peaceful Lullaby on Vol 10 of Seeds Family Music

SECOND READING: 1 John 3:1-7

READ: Spoon by Amy Krause Rosenthal


A suggestion by Storypath

for the very Young READ Snuggle Time Prayers by Glenys Nellist

SING: God’s Great Family found in The Ology by Soveriegn Kids

MAKE: Family figures you might like to use these templates or print out family photo’s and make it personal. If at a church that has photo’s of church members you might like to make a family of church members.

GOSPEL READING: Luke 24:36B-48


READ: The Jesus Story Book Bible p.321



Like your disciples Jesus

I too wonder (put your hand under your chin)

and question (put your hand up)

and am surprised (open eyes wide)



Wendy L.

Please check local guidlines before using items that are not mine and acknowledge this page if you have found it useful, especially if you are using this page for congregational use.


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